Rolex Replica Watches,no all water-resistant called diving watches

On the bottom of the extreme environment, is a reliable watch controls the safe diving and return to the important guarantee of the time. But not all can waterproof standard can called diving watches, simple waterproof function does not signify a professional Rolex Replica diving watches.
1. Control diving time safety device
NIHS standard diving diving watches must be able to control the safety device of the time. In addition, in order to prevent interpretation errors, the device must also prevent inadvertently inadvertently turn the attached design. Wrist watch best assembly with detailed minutes scale diving rotate the inner ring by timing, control the rotation of the inner ring device design also should have corresponding security started.
2. Clear, easy to read
Time, rotate the inner ring diving timing, such as the machine is running or not only must be in the dark depths of the sea environment also can clear edge degree, usually this distance (wrist watch and linear distance of the eye) set to 25 cm. Among them, the fluorescence are the most commonly used treatment is the major surface of the solution. Swiss Rolex Replica
3. Waterproof and resistance to water of the sea salt
In order to ensure that watches the core components and strap soak in salt water don't change the environment, the divers watch waterproof liner, the bottom cover and the mirror case components corresponding adjustments shall be made, common practice is to increase the thickness. NIHS diving watches watchcase prescribed standards should be reached more than 100 meters of the depth of waterproof.
4. Antimagnetic and shockproof characteristics and resistance to temperature change
Professional diving watches are magnetically attached protection device, because of the extremely sensitive balance wheel balance spring is likely because affected by the magnetic field destroy its precision. Magnetically protection device can make the movement from the effects of magnetic field, vibration and temperature change, to ensure that the wrist as accurate. In addition also need to watch for changes in temperature testing, found no steam condensation phenomenon is a good diver's watches.
5. The external force to bear features
Watch of wrist of connected components should be able to withstand up to 200 n force.